Recycle the single hauler approach

Aluminum cans, glass bottles and certain plastic containers wouldn’t be the only things to be recycled in Tiffin if the city council opts for a single-hauler plan.

The concept of awarding the city’s residential trash collection to the lowest and best bidder would be a return to an approach from the past. Tiffinites of a certain age will remember paying for garbage collection by purchasing trash bags at local retailers.

Indeed, that’s how trash pickup can be handled now. But multiple haulers can mean multiple trucks collecting trash on multiple days along any given street.

That system may change a bit in a proposal that could come before council members. Sure, wheeled totes and garbage bags likely still would be used. But one firm would rule the routes, and recyclable materials could be mixed in with the stuff headed for the landfill.

Competition still would exist, although only at contract renewal time. And it’s possible citizens would pay a lower rate, due to economies of scale. Plus, city streets could see less wear if garbage collection is handled with a single pass.

Plus, it’s quite possible more of the city’s waste stream would end up being routed to recyclers instead of a landfill.

A single-hauler approach worked in the past, but was abandoned in favor of direct competition. A similar plan should work again.