Store ICE in digital, analogue formats

Considering the impact winter weather has had on area roadways lately, all that ice should remind residents of the importance of ICE.

That is, remember to include an emergency contact in your cell phone – labeled ICE, an acronym for “in case of emergency” – so law officers, fire or emergency medical personnel can contact someone on your behalf if you are injured in an accident or suffer a medical emergency.

But that may not be enough.

Some cellular customers now are able to protect access to their mobile device with a password. In addition to considering placing your ICE information on your home screen, plan to have that information in writing and keep it with your identification.

That’s advisable, too, for people who do not have cell phones – or those who sometimes leave the gadget at home.

Hopefully, it never will be needed. But it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.