Veteran’s actions should be inspiring

The story of a good Samaritan who helped pull motorists out of a ditch Sunday night after they slid off an icy road is more than uplifting.

It’s inspiring.

The Dayton Daily News reported that 26-year-old Larry Draughn was watching his son sled in the backyard of his Fairborn home when he noticed the drivers sliding off the road. So, he hooked up the cars to his pickup truck and pulled them out of the ditch.

That’s the commendable part. Here’s what is so inspirational: Draughn is a double amputee who gets around on artificial legs.

In other words, what some people would view as a barrier is just another challenge for this man. That’s not surprising, as he is a Marine veteran who lost his legs while serving in Afghanistan.

Some people encounter difficulties and consider them barriers. Others, like Larry Draughn, see them as obstacles to be overcome.