It’s all about the presence

“It’s better to give than to receive” is a phrase often heard this time of year.

That’s not just true in an altruistic sense. Earlier this year, The Buffalo News reported on a five-year study that indicates giving real help to others is good for your health and well-being, and can lengthen your life.

While that may be news to some readers, the majority also long have realized they derive a greater sense of satisfaction and even self-worth from helping others than from receiving help.

Yet don’t overlook the importance of receiving gifts, especially the greatest gift of all.

And that’s really the essence of the holiday we prepare to celebrate this Christmas Eve. On this holiday, we share presents, not in lieu of giving gifts to Jesus, or just to celebrate the day when our Lord took human form.

Rather, it is a way to commemorate how God gave us the gift of his presence here on Earth, and, ultimately, the offer of salvation.

Thus, this Christmas eve, ponder the significance of receiving that gift, given by God’s good will toward all.

Merry Christmas.