Cline is better pick for council president

Last year, more than $2 billion was spent on the presidential election – and remember the choice voters faced last November.

Tuesday, Tiffin voters can pick from two qualified, competent candidates for president of city council, and both nominees have spent less than the rounding error on the presidential campaigns.

Mark Pardi and Rich?Cline offer similar priorities for city government. During meetings with members of The Advertiser-Tribune’s editorial board, each expressed concern about staffing level of the city’s safety forces. Both see a need for more police officers and firefighters.

Yet they also expressed a desire to maintain streets, sidewalks and parks, so Tiffin remains attractive to residents and prospective employers. Both candidates prefer to fund those priorities by growing the local economy and expanding the tax base, and not increase tax rates.

Pardi’s management experience in the military and manufacturing would make directing city council meetings a snap. His background would make him a capable candidate for many offices in the city – or county, for that matter.

But Cline’s service as Fourth?Ward councilman not only provides a foundation to run council meetings; it also gives him the insight to make committee assignments. Cline’s existing rapport with city administrators also would be beneficial.

For this reason, we recommend Rich Cline to Tiffin voters as the better choice for council president.