Hats off

Businesses large and small boost our vitality

This week, we offer a tip of the hat to those keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in Tiffin.

In some instances, individuals are creating opportunities for themselves. In others, businesses are creating opportunities for others.

Examples include Ballreich Bros. planning to open a retail store and museum by mid-December in the house where Granny Ballreich once lived. The store – to be called Granny Ballreich’s – is next to the potato chip plant’s parking lot at 186 Ohio Ave.

Another example is Anya’s Antiques & Oddities, at 127 S. Washington St.; the storefront is difficult to miss downtown.

These new enterprises add to the existing mix, helping to sustain and grow the vibrancy in our town.

Hats off

Something old is new – again

A tip of the bowler hat to planners for the 2103 Tiffin-Seneca Heritage Festival for seeking change through addition. The website claims the event is the eighth largest festival in Ohio, and part of the reason is somewhat ironic. The Heritage Fest is in its 35th year because it continues to add

aspects while maintaining the original attractions.

Organizers plan a competition this year similar to TV’s “Amazing Race,” plus the inaugural Independent Car Show. Meanwhile, traditional features of the fall festival remain. To learn more, visit ye olde website at www.tiffinfestival.com.

Hats off

Thanks, bidders, buyers

A tip of the cap to the bidders and buyers at the Seneca County Fair livestock sale last weekend. Results of the sale are listed in a special section included in today’s edition.

All bidders, regardless of whether they had the winning bid, are to be congratulated for helping boost the commercial bid total. And those who purchased animals to take home deserve thanks, also, although they also might enjoy the fruits of 4-H exhibitors’ labors on their dinner tables.

This year, the two-day auction brought in $457,246 to help support the youths and their livestock projects.