Arrest men who victimize children

Child prostitution is a tragedy right in our backyards, to judge by results of a nationwide FBI sweep a few days ago. In 76 cities, agents rescued 105 children and arrested 150 pimps.

Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati were among cities involved. Two pimps were arrested in Pittsburgh. Two were apprehended in Cincinnati and one in Cleveland. Also, FBI agents rescued a child who was being used for prostitution in Cleveland.

Since 2003, FBI operations have rescued about 2,700 children forced by adults into lives of prostitution. That probably is just the tip of the iceberg.

During the same period, about 1,350 adults involved in child prostitution have been convicted of various crimes. A few have been sentenced to life in prison.

Yet relatively little is heard about arrests of men – and the offenders are almost exclusively male – who pay for sex with children. Local and federal law enforcement agencies should target them, too. Well-publicized arrests of a few perverts who pay for sex with juveniles would do a world of good to safeguard children.