Grab the first rung and keep climbing

“If you don’t do it this year,” filmmaker Warren Miller said, “you will be one year older when you do.”

Miller, who made ski movies for more than 50 years, had a knack for commentary that contained equal parts dry wit and sage observations.

He also borrowed $400 from friends more than 60 years ago to film his first feature and practically invented an industry.

Job hunters today – including hundreds who attended the Seneca County Job Fair – could learn something from Miller. If you continue to wait, you’ll just get a later start.

Few people start out as a CEO – unless they also are the workforce, sales team, marketing department and cleaning crew at the same time. Most people start out at the bottom. That’s where they find the first rung on the ladder.

One of Miller’s fist jobs was delivering newspapers. He went on to build a multi-million dollar empire.

A person seeking a job today might not find an ideal position. But think of the next job as the first, not the last. It’s a beginning. And representatives from higher education at the job fair Monday can help plot a course to a better future.

Meanwhile, the next job is a start, not an end. Keep working to improve. Plan on using one position as a stepping stone to another.

“Don’t forget,” Miller said in his 50th anniversary film, “that a career is a job you’ve had too long.”