Thumbs up for Ebert

Today, we figuratively remove our caps as a salute to film critic Roger Ebert, 70, who died Thursday in an institute where he was being treated for cancer – again.

We’re not honoring his work reviewing movies, although he was the nation’s best at his job. Instead, we admire his determination to keep working after the first bout with cancer.

As Caryn Rousseau of the Associated Press wrote, “When cancer took Ebert’s voice, he did something that many in his generation would not: He embraced the digital age and kept talking.

“He talked to his 800,000-plus Twitter followers. He talked to the 100,000 friends on his Facebook page, and he talked on his own blog. All the while, he kept talking in the pages of the Sun-Times.”

Just days before he died, Ebert announced the cancer had returned, and stated he would continue writing. His ability to face adversity and refuse to acquiesce was an award-winning performance.