Hats off

Creators of jobs, we salute you

If a single manufacturer had announced plans to locate a production facility in Seneca County that would employ 100-200 people, the news would be a topic of conversation throughout our community.

Taken together, corporations already in Tiffin announced plans during 2012 to bring that many jobs here. Some positions already have been created; more hiring is to follow as projects reach completion.

Those stories, and more, are recounted in the Progress section focusing on commerce and industry inside today’s edition.

Today, we salute those whose stories are told on those pages, and others who endeavor to help the economy in our area to grow.

Sure, they are taking a risk. But more than capital is being invested. Entrepreneurs also are investing time, planning, worry and effort into local factories and storefronts.

For that, we offer gratitude and wish them success.

Hats off

Rescuers pull off a miracle

We salute the FBI agents who safely rescued a 5-year-old boy Monday who had been held hostage by an armed man in an underground bunker in Alabama.

When the hostage crisis began nearly a week earlier, the prospect it would end badly was undeniable. The armed man stormed a school bus and shot the driver to death before taking the boy hostage. Yes, the slain bus driver deserves recognition for his heroism, too.

But the rescuers performed a miracle, freeing the boy while making sure his captor did not harm him. Unfortunately, the kidnapper had to be killed in the process. But then, the abductor will never harm anyone again.

Hats off

New youth center becomes a reality

Hats off to Juvenile Court Judge Jay Meyer, his predecessor and father Judge Gerald Meyer, and everyone else involved with bringing the long-time goal of a new Seneca County Youth Center into being a reality.

Our thanks extends to the community for supporting this improvement. Community members can tour the new facility during an open house 1-2 p.m. and 5-7 p.m. Thursday.

Remember, once youths are transferred to the new center, public tours no longer will be available.