Property Transfers, May 5

Transfers listed as






F.L.F. Inc.

Carolyn D. Taylor


237 Charlotte St.

David L. Hodges

Fabrizio Chiropractic


404 N. Sandusky St.

Robert D. Goshe

Janet M. DelTurco


390 S. Jefferson St.

Antonio L. and Amanda J.


Gemini Properties II LTD


24 Apple St.

Robert L. Hoffman

Thomas G. Steyer


21 Hall St.

Rebecca M. Rife

Jason R. and Jean R.



80 Gibson St.

Meyer and Kerschner Ltd.

Juris Realty LLC


106 E. Market St.

Andrew Dawson

and Lindsey Cook

Brandon and Andrea Nye


59 Beechwood Drive

Stephen Reis

and Pamella Weller

Stephen Reis


136 Schonhardt

Michael T. O’Hagan

Patricia A. Bintz,

Danna K. Rice, executors


44 Lewis St.

Ryan P. Hampshire

and Danielle R. Sours

Carl Zilch


10 Hampden Park

Jan and Reta M. Goldman

David B. and

Margaret J. Baker


374 Riverside Drive


and Cheryl A. Lewis

Deborah A. Daniel, et. al.


168 Hudson St.

Kyle S. Anderson

Randall L.

and Christy A. Wiser


478 N. Washington St.

Clinton Township

Robert A. Wilt

and Mindy S. Ford

Ronald Eugene Rochester

and Susanne M.



101 N. TR 165

Thomas C.

and Brittany J.


and Janet M. DelTurco

Raymond A.

and Patricia H. Wise


2395 E. CR 36

John D. Baker

James K. Distel


201 N. TR 165

Nathan C. and Julie L. Cline

Loran H. Weingart


1885 E. CR 36

Big Spring Township

Christopher A.

and Stacey Gillig

Craig and Jennifer Gillig


10034 W. TR 96

John A. and Kimberly A.


Mack R. Gerschutz


8.72 acres, Section 20

Scipio Township

Tony J. and Emily A


Robert C. Clouse


45.647 acres, SR 18

Bernadette T. Wilson,


Victor F. Smith Jr., trustee,

and Jean L. Smith,



2259 CR 43

Bloom Township

Kyle A. and Amanda J.


David A. and Brenda S.



86 E. CR 6

Eden Township

AAI Leasing LLC

Joan G. Woodman


5140 S. SR 231

Reed Township


Phyllis J. Sours, trustee


101 S. Broadway

Pleasant Township

Raymond R. Hohman

and Laura E. Bouillon

Jan L. Riedel and Kristine

Kay Riedel, co-trustee


3371 E. CR 37


Eric Baxter

Jean Boyd


230 E. North St.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Amber Salazar

and Kyle Cessna


439 E. Tiffin St.

Ronald L. and Orvella D.


James H. and Kathy L.



615 N. Poplar St.

Lina M. Sipe

Troy M. Weaver


208 E. Jones St.

Samuel C. Wibbing

Carl Zilch


1021 Gerlock Drive

PBK Rentals LLC

Ford Curtis Sheffel


327 Perry, 335 Perry,

414 McDougal

and 5905 N. SR 635

Christopher and Kasie


Allan A. and Amie J. Ashby


562 N. Main St.

Nathan Elledge

Trevor A. Stewart


1027 Gerlock Drive

Loudon Township

Melissa A. Arndt

Royd T. and Suzanne



685 S. US 23

Jackson Township

Nathan and Joyce Otto

Carol L. Wollam Trust


7616 N. TR 64

Venice Township

Jason M. Darling

Douglas W. Senn


78.319 acres

at 15201 E. US 224

Brandon T. Darling

Douglas W. Senn


Vacant lot on US 224


Antonio and Martha L. Ortiz

Ryan A. Spilak


110 State St.

Hopewell Township

Annette M. Smith

Judy A. Schafer, et. al.


0 W. TR 102 and 0 S. CR 7

Dennis L. Brendle

Judy A. Schafer, et. al.


0 W. TR 102 and 0 S. CR 7

CSR Rentals LLC

Leonar J. Clouse, trustee,

and Lynn M. Clouse,



Bare land on S. TR 1186

Phillip J. Miller

Judy A Schafer, et. al.


0 W. TR 102

Brandon and Andrea Nye

Kyle and Nikki Hintze


1696 W. Meadowlake Drive

Patricia M. Shulaw

Judy A. Schafer, et. al.


0 W. TR 102

Kyle and Nikki Hintze

Thomas J.

and Deborah L. Eberly


Timber Creek Drive

Liberty Township

Michael J. and Megen N.


Brandon L. and Morgan L.



3560 W. TR 158