Property Transfers, May 19

Transfers listed as






Zachary J. Ball and Brittany K. Flint

Paul A. and Brittany K. Eborg


55 Kensington Ave.

Lori A. Hoppes

Richard A. Zeis and Eric W. Zeis


345 Greenbrier Court

Sarah J. Frey

Sally J. Cook, trustee


52 Hall St.

Thomas J. Sheibley and Sharon A. Sheibley

Judy Kay Hall and Kathy Phillips, et. al.


61 Virginia Ave.

Plaza Home Mortgage Inc.

Joshua Englehart


86 W. David St.

Gregory S. and Tina L. Sarver

Paula S. Breidenbach


78 Allen St.

Wilmington Savings Fund

Curtis L. Mulvane


156 Hall St.

Tiffin University

Brian and Robin Beck


285 Miami St.

Anthony and Merissa Seitz

Stewart A. Bowersox


112 Hancock St.


Bank of America N.A.

Jeremy L. Bemis


723 Circle Drive

Irvin T. Smith

Jack E. Thorp


713 Circle Drive

Katrina R. Shiley

James Raymond Shiley Jr.


338 Sumner St.

Schalk Rentals LLC

Donald Rodriguez


127 W. Lytle St.

Big Spring Township

Levy A. Hemminger

Gary J. Bouillon, successor trustee


South CR 591

Seneca Township

Kristine Lee Evilsizor

John T. and Cathy Elaine Mount


1540 W. CR 6

Reed Township

Scott Bordner

Debra J. Martin, guardian of June L. Hacker


2720 SR 4

Venice Township

Anthony L. and Rebecca J. Machiusi

Melvis and Carla Dininger


14311 E. CR 58

Clinton Township

Addam A. Casey and Kali Thompson

Robert W. and Dawn D. Bean


895 E. TR 122

Paul A. and Dana A. Eborg

Karl R. Kortlandt Jr.


3885 E. TR 1155

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.

Douglas Brisendine


3716 E. CR 50

Hopewell Township

Kylar Meisner

Jeremy A. Feasel


2239 N. CR 11

Scipio Township

Talltown Trails LLC

Troy L. Blodgett and Stephanie M. Phillips


8110 E. CR 24