Property Transfers, Nov. 18

Transfers listed as






Wesley Bosier

Bryan K. and Chi Ming Tran


111 Main St.

Kevin D. Wahlers

Robert W. Reis II


347 Sycamore St.

Erika and Benjamin Burks

Mary Simpier


475 Coe St.

SCH Rental Co. Ltd.

CSR Rentals LLC


163 Gibson Court

F&S Investors of Ohio

Douglas A. Holz, executor


93 Sycamore St.

Shawn R. and Patsy J. Barron

Cory J. Correll


412 Circular St.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.

Dawn Currier


52 Tomb St.

Jeffrey R. and Sherry M. Ruch

Richard A. and Rose L. Kahler


104 Sycamore St.

Atkins Investments LLC

Richard A. and Rose L. Kahler


269 S. Washington St.

Trevor Nye

300 Hedges LLC


300 Hedges St.

Donald J. and Michelle L. Tuite

Scott J. and Kathryn O. Venema


10 Indian Lane

U.S. National Bank Association

Tim L. and Dawn M. Peacock


10 Hampden Park

Cody J. Pachlhofer

Diana L. Barrett


141 Walker St.

Clinton Township

Andrew W. Kimmet

Audrey R. Wells, trustee


299 W. TR 132

Port-Lo Properties LLC

Juanita I. Coffman, an Ohio Limited Liability Co.


1761 N. SR 53

Robert J. and Laura A. Gaietto

Ann M. Repp, trustee, et. al.


1737 N. CR 11

Charles Edward Hurt

U.S. Bank National Association


2922 E. CR 50

Green Springs

Patrick J. Alt

Phyllis J. Sours, trustee


Land on West Euclid

Big Spring Township

Derek L. and Jill A. Cole

The Margaret L. Phillips Trust


29.4376 acres, Section 30

Mark D. and Jan E. Peck

David E. and Susan K. Middleton


8512 TR 96

Charles J. and Brittany A. Kelby

Vincent and Dorothy Nye, estates


5254 S. SR 587

Adams Township

James R. Skiver

Justin C. and Charissa L. Stiltner


6041 N. SR 101

Daniel D. Farley

Timothy C. and Susanna L. Schultz


Land on North TR 180


Brandon L. Smith

Bruce A. and Sally C. Smith


132 W. 6th St.

Steven J. and Mary Lou Potter

Brittdox LLC


922 N. Main St.

Melinda and Gary Stahl Jr.

Judy K. Deuble


275 W. Fourth St.

Seneca Township

Gerald W. and Charmaine Carrick

Ferguson Family Revocable Living Trust


4347 S. SR 53

Thompson Township

Kelly J. Chumley and August C. Keegan

Joann L. Patten


15488 E. TR 178


Norman D. and Susan I. Robbins

Wilma E. Roth


203 N. Madison St.

Loudon Township

Shawn Hoover

James W. Clouse, trustee


Land on West US 224

Liberty Township

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, National Association

Dustin and Melissa M. Owens


6521 N. CR 31

Eden Township

Charles T. Gorman

Patrick W. Harris


3693 S. SR 231

Hopewell Township

Jonathan and Makenzie Hall

Bunth and Sreng Kim-Chhay


1730 Driftwood Drive

Jackson Township

Epifania R. Diaz

Steffen R. Wellstein, executor of estate of Therese Wellstein


Land on North TR 84


Alan D. Alloway

John P. Murphy, Michael J. Murphy and Christine J. Parker


Part of out lot No. 11

Venice Township

Dewayne and Jeanette Martin

Jimmie L. Bowler


8750 S. SR 4