Property Transfers, Aug. 14

Transfers listed as






Tiffin University

Tina Wise


132 Franklin St.

Tiffin University

Tina Wise


124 S. Sandusky St.

Tiffin University

Tina Wise


178 Jackson St.

Allison Eagle

Nationstar Mortgage LLC.


304 W. Perry St.

Trevor M.

and Kassandra M. Bates

Charles R.

and Nancy J. Christensen


22 Glenview Terrace

Anthony Lee Schriner

Gloria A. Klempert


229 S. Monroe St.


and Tracy Kerschner

Wolfgang and Kathie Bach


25 Brookwood Drive

Tonia M. Woods

Kristi A. Campbell


66 Grace St.

Charles A.

and Nancy J. Christensen

Bish Construction Inc.


80 Oakley Meadow Lane

Nord Properties LLC

Turner-Engle Inc.


31 S. Washington St.

Jackson Township

Stuart J. A. Williams, et al.

Marvin J. and

Dawn M. Engle Harmon


11093 W. TR 36

Adams Township

Patricia F.

and David P. Bumb, et al.

Mark and Valerie Bumb


Vacant property on North TR 175

Loudon Township

Anson James

and Donna J. Beasley

Ruth Ann Griffiths


10791 W. TR 112

Scipio Township

Donald P.

and Rebecca L. Schifer

Fadley Farms Inc.


6385 E. SR 18

Big Spring Township

Jeffrey Haferd

Dennis N. Haferd


6962 TR 93

Bloom Township

Carl M. and Paul E. Ziegler

Royanna L. Zeigler


5558 E. CR 12


Glenn and Violet Weiler

James E. Smith


105 E. High St.

Cody G.

and Stephanie L. Neville

Jeffrey Lynn Ally


109 S. Main St.


Matthew Homer Pulley

John and Deanna Paxton


820 Cory St.