Property Transfers, July 31

Transfers listed as






Deanna L. Whiteman

Donald Wayne Weber

and Barbara K Ward


403 Washington St.

Dennis E. Ringle

Jodi L. Roessner


36 Short St.

Timothy H. Kipps

JPMorgan Chase Bank


362 Wall St.

Matthew L. and

Victoria S. Quillen

Billy D. and

Michelle L. Patton


12 Hancock St.

Ruth A. Walker

Rose Acceptance Inc.


286 Jefferson St.

Gregory J. and Lori A. Stine

Brenda L. Distel


45 Elwood St.

Helen M. Long

Kenneth R.

and Ruth A. Walker


316 Elm Ave.

Bradley and Lindsey Distel

Debra I. Gillenwater


125 Harvest Lane

Stephen J. Anway

Bradley and Lindsey Distel


420 N. Washington St.

Green Home Property

Preservation LLC

Old Fort Banking Co.


44 Virginia Ave.

James J. and Tina L. Mira


and Kenneth Canode Jr.


21 Walnut St.

Regina R. Gladieux

First Federal Bank of Ohio


592 N. Washington St.

R Investments LLC

William E. Shultz Estate


291 W. Perry St.

Seneca Township

Patricia A. Sanford

Bradley P. Droll estate


8952 S. SR 53


Angela S. Ruble

Charlotte L. Ruble

Gift valued at $12,500

1155 Columbus Ave.

James Birchfield Jr.

Pamela A. Butler


905 S. Main St.

Doneva J. Shaull

David P.

and Leslie E. DiCesare


708 N. Union St.

Brethren Holdings LLC

Annette K. Fuerstenau


802 Springville Ave.

Brandon J. Hoyer

and Brittany M. Eubank

Dennis W.

and Kathleen S. Cline


428 W. Jackson St.

Stephen E. Coleman Jr.

Jean A. Seel


631 N. Main St.

Team Capital LLC

Helen Eileen Waltermyer


121 42nd St.

Clinton Township

Matthew and Lori Crow

Loretta L. Fansler


2094 S. Glendale Drive

David and Casey Losey

Ronald W.

and Lawrence E. Kramer,



2088 S. Glendale Drive


U.S. Bank

Jeffrey and Melinda Bowling


104 King St.

Pleasant Township

Bradley A.

and Andrea L. Cleveland

Jan D. Austermiller

and Kay A. Hunter


Agricultural property

on East TR 148

Matthew J.

and Rae D. Keefe

Larry J.

and Connie L. Fetzer


5192 N. SR 53

Hopewell Township

Patricia E. Smith

David J. Falter


1700 S. Duchess Lane

Liberty Township

Samantha L.

and Richard L. Grine

Todd J.

and Candace H. Sauber


7371 N. TR 70

Duane C.

and McKenzie C. Posey

Mary C.

and David J. Brickner


6673 W. CR 38

Loudon Township

PennyMAC Corp.

Rebecca J. Boes


9569 W. SR 18

Scipio Township

Kristine Ward

JPMorgan Chase National Association


7407 E. SR 224


JPMorgan Chase Bank

Clint W. Baker


103 Broadway St.