Property Transfers, July 3

Transfers listed as






Jonathan Paul Gibson

Janet Steinmetz



Vacant property

on Thomas Street

Jonathan Paul Gibson

Janet Steinmetz



168 Thomas St.

Djuro M. and

Dolores E. Blitva

Donald W. and

June L. Bechtel


107 Westwood Drive

Justin Atkin

Dorothy A. Miller


84 W. Market St.

Nevin E. Martin and

Katlyn M. Myers

Laurence Lynn Dutt


238 Melmore St.

Marc A. Mestrez

Jaynie Eisenhart, et al.


29 Minerva St.

Edwin J. Ollom

Stonecrest Income and

Opportunity Fund I LLC


200 Third Ave.

J. Moorman LLC

Jonathon R. Moses and

Diane M. Lange


385 Circular St.

Pleasant Township

Timothy W. Kazmierczak

David M. Beck


8046 Fort St.

Taylor M. Hoepf

Alisha L. Taylor


4883 E. CR 44

Hopewell Township

Richard R. and

Barbara A. Scaife

Donald F. Fox


Vacant property on TR 198

Arthur Lee Dewald and

Betsy Lynn Shellhammer

Janet R. Steinmetz, trustee


792 S. TR 113

Scipio Township

Matthew G. Beckman

Juanita R. Nause


309 Washington St.

Seneca Township

Kyle D. and

Kendra R. Shearer

Donald J. and

Janet M. Mills


8911 S. CR 47

Reed Township

Catherine J. Cantu

Estate of Larry J. Smith


239 E. TR 152


Tyler L. F. Klotz

Estate of

Kerry A. Kamenec


136 W. Fourth St.

Scott A. and

Dawn M. Sands

Chad A. and

Earlene F. Shock,



230 W. Lytle St.

Dean R. Hottenstein

Laura A. Collet


213 N. Union St.