Property Transfers, July 17

Transfers listed as






Tiffin University

Verland I. Iannantuono


236 Miami St.

Dana Betz

Vincent Vera estate


41 Gary Lane

U.S. Bank

National Association

Waddell Moore


444 S. Sandusky St.

Lorrie A. Liskai

Mark A. and

Roxanne M. Turner


63 Tomb St.

Phillip D. Werner

Keith M. Runion


168 Walker St.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.

Tonya Daughenbaugh


192 Hall St.

Old Fort Bank Co.

Sandri L. Perna


44 Virginia Ave.

Clinton Township

Paul E. Williams

KSI Home Buyers LLC


1738 N. SR 101

Loudon Township

Deutsche Bank

National Trust Co.

Douglas E. Lear


180 N. SR 587

Kevin and

Veronica Reinhart

Ruth Griffith and

Donna Beasley, trustee


10833 W. TR 112

Big Spring Township

Robert L. and

Christine I. McConnell

James O. and

Lynne E. Hunker


4837 S. CR 57


BSC Properties LLC

Robert Snyder and

Linda L. Colson-Snydcer


206-214 State St.

Robert Himme

Bernice A. Emmons


111 Hol-Acres Drive

Eden Township

Bank of New York Mellon

Brian A. Roush


6935 S. SR 100

New Riegel

Jason A. and

Nicole L. Zirkle

Michelle Sours


16 S. Perry St.

Liberty Township

U.S. Bank

National Association

Amanda M. Benavides


8912 SR 590

Reed Township

Lori A. Nighswander

Charles T. and

Helen S. Webb


6434 N. TR 145

Jackson Township

Denise Richards

Donna K. Fittro


9689 W. SR 12

Pleasant Township

Todd and Marci Kimmet

James J. and Tina L. Mira


56 E. TR 152

Jeremy M. Wright

Dennis J. Metzler


7757 N. TR 169


Marcus Frank

JPMorgan Chase Bank

National Association


220 W. Tiffin St.

Deutsche Bank

National Trust Co.

Brian A. Coppus


432 Stadium Drive

Schalk Rentals LLC

MaDonna J. Schreiner


3540 S. SR 587

Krysten R. Bercaw

Joyous Living Rentals LLC


233 E. Lytle St.

Andrew T. and

Kathryn A. Alexander

Thomas W. and

Beverly A. Beck


958 Buckley St.

Nikkole and

Raymond Kleba

Zebulon and Kari A. Wedge


602 S. Union St.

Gordon K. and

Carolyn R. Hubbard

North Coast Alliance LLC


326 W. Fremont St.

Douglas B. and

Annetta V. Broyles

Richard F. Blackburn


233 E. Sixth St.