Property Transfers, July 10

Transfers listed as






Morgan R. Buurma

Mehdi and Gertrud Razavi


385 Melmore St.

Clinton Township

Seth M. and Arvin Craig

Your Legacy FCU


3638 E. CR 50

Amanda L. Schank

Joseph M. and

Kelly A. Putnam


174 S. CR 17

Thompson Township

Alvin and Sharon Zeller

Deutsche Bank

National Trust Co.


1150 SR 18

Loudon Township

Barbara E. and

Al A. Orozco

Phillip L. Roberts, executor


1214 S. Main St.

Scipio Township

Scott A. and Amy L. Meade

Burkholder Real Estate LLC


Vacant property

on North TR 175


Tracy A. Ickes

Irvin and Victoria Ferguson


214 Bannister St.

Brenda G. Kincaid

Trent and Danielle R. Cook


740 Eastern Ave.

Beverly Jane Napier

Peggy I. and

Bradley T. Rathburn


143 E. Clark St.