Property transfers, June 5

Transfers listed as






Brian M. Gudgel

Andrew J. Carr


170 Elm St.

Larry W. Cole

William and Lori McClellan


707 Circle Drive

Luis H. and Nickole Medina

June L. Pelton


418 S. Town St.

Eden Township

EIL Enterprises, LLC

Barbara K. Zinn,

trustee of the

Barbara K. Zinn

Self-Declaration of Trust


4686 S. SR 231

Brandon J. and

Roxanne M. Kimmet

Melvin D. and Grace I.

Heck, co-trustees


Vacant property

on South SR 231

Hopewell Township

Lee H. and Sarah B. Focht

Tammy A. Schalk


2297 W. CR 52

Loudon Township

Annette and Glenn Hess

Aaron L. Smith


280 N. TR 87

Adams Township

Sandridge Real Estate LLC

Weiker Family LLC


Vacant property

on North TR 32


James A. and

Betty L. Montz

Mary Ann Bakies


58 Birchwood Drive

Jack D. Peck

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.


404 E. Perry St.

Walter D. and

Betty L. Brown

Gerald W. Rhoad


46 Hillcrest Drive

Scipio Township

James E. and

Evelyn M. Dales

Danny D. Deel


106 N. Madison St.

Reed Township

Jared S. Hall

Matthew C. and Beth M. Leibengood


4976 E. CR 44

Benjamin C. and

Nicole E. Clapp

Robert C. and

Kristy L. Bogner


6656 E. CR 38

Venice Township

Craig D. and

Miranda M. Bordner

Kenneth R. and

Kimberli L. Wurts


5418 S. CR 35