Property Transfers, June 12

Transfers listed as





Clinton Township

U.S. Bank

National Association

Nancy L. Pierce


1815 S. Winfield Drive

Eric A. and Lidia Lee

Laurie and

David A. Ulbricht Jr.


2257 S. TR 159

Adams Township

Kevin Kurtis Lee

Daryol Earl Lee


124 S. Clay St.

Scipio Township

Anthony Barnwell

Anselmo Vecchio


412 Broadway St.

Pleasant Township

Andrew M. and

Carrie L. Fox

Paul J. and Janette F. Smith


7340 N. TR 169

U.S. Bank

National Association

Brenda M. Marks


3508 N. SR 53

Bloom Township

Devan D. Depinet

Jason R. and

Heather A. Hood


31 Main St.

Reed Township

U.S. Bank

National Association

Herbert A. and

Sheryl L. Wall


5264 S. TR 197


Matthew D. Schalk

Dustin L. Miller


356 W. Fremont St.

Nicholas J. Frankart

Seneca County Sheriff


134 Rock St.

Gordon K. and

Carolyn R. Hubbard

David A. Varney


324 W. Fremont St.

Gilbert and Sandra Tellez

Charles K. Wolph


845 Cory St.


Nadine K. Omlor

Mary Jean Willoughby


15 Northwood Drive

Tommy and Nancy Hafer

Willard W. Wilkins


178 Hillcrest Drive

James J. McGrath IV and

Kai Wei

Evelyn I. Sertell


68 Orchard Park

Richard and Rose Kahler

Richard A. Kahler


240 Union St.

Scott W. Martin

Vickie S. and

Laurent J. Brickner Jr.


152 and 154 Ann St.

Alma J. Berry and

Rebel Ann Underwood

Margaret J. Simmons,

trustee of the

Margaret J. Simmons

Revocable Family Trust


260 Elm Ave.