Property Transfers, May 8

Transfers listed as






Larry Breidenbach

Daniel L. and Tressa K. Hagen


8 Liberty St.

Timothy Holt

Eloise J. Keiffer


395 Clinton Ave.

Trinity A. Lescallett

Russal D. Martorana, et al.


136 Elmer St.

Tyson and Melissa Woessner

Kommula C. Rao


95 Sycamore Woods Lane

Clinton Township

Smithton Sheep Farms LLC

Christopher R. Burks


Vacant property on North TR 155

Roy F. Theis

Steven James Brickner estate


4281 E. CR 50

Hopewell Township

Corwin T. Zoeller

Larry A. and Ruth Ann Beidelschies


4032 W. SR 224

Grant Hess

Glenn C. and Annette M. Hess


948 N. SR 635

Jackson Township

Larry J. and Ida L. Runion

Richard H. Switzer


4361 N. SR 23

Adam C. Schoen

Steven Douglas Kammeyer Sr.


6323 N. SR 23

Thompson Township

Gary Perry

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association


246 W. Eighth Ave.

Ronald and Angela Chapman

Barbara E. DeLapp estate


15934 Jefferson St.

Loudon Township

Ryan Gosche

Jamison G. Williams


11011 W. SR 18

Paul D. and Sabrina J. Roush

Home Opportunity LLC


12460 W. Wagner St.

Scipio Township

Chuck Cooley

Ron Depinet


848 N. SR 19

Bloom Township

Christopher L. and Julie K. Cole

Laura K. Fitch and Ellen Ruikkie, co-trustees


9340 E. CR 12


Susan Jasidek

Annabelle Stark


721 Circle Drive

Middlefield Industrial Complex Inc.

InterMetro Industries Corp.


1150 State St.

John R. Conlin

Joseph H. Souder


827 Walnut St.

John F. and Betty M. Smith

Key Bank National Association


351 W. South St.

Good Shepherd Home

The Northern Ohio District of the Church of the Brethren


800 Columbus Ave.