Property transfers, May 29

Transfers listed as





Loudon Township

Richard A. and

Angie Schluchter

John P. and Linda R. Bali

$171, 000

635 N. SR 587

Hopewell Township

Aaron and Kelly Brickner

Theresa L. Scherger


2781 N. TR 101


Ricky C. and

Theresa J. Smith

Barbara A. Magers


109 Gail Lane

S&S Housing Rentals LLC

Pauline Heater, et al.


14 Rebecca St.

Valcor Properties LTD

Vera M. Burgderfer


88 Riverside Drive

Wayne A. Kipps

Janet E. Nye


95 Second Ave.

Elias Gonzalez

Brenda S. Fleming, trustee

for Georgia A. Doneghy


83 Kensington Ave.

David M. and

Barbara A. Magers

LeRoy D. Krugh Jr. and

Margaret Mae



76 Lawndale Drive

Darrell R. and

Denise K. Ventrone

David W. Raitz


163 Elm Ave.

Douglas P. Swartzmiller

Beverly J. Gibson


65 Virginia Ave.

Jacob D. and

Sarah E. Daniel

Ellen R. Elchert


39 Hall St.

Clinton Township

Travis C. Nye

Danielle R. Hudson


2605 S. CR 19

Reed Township

John A. Martin

Amy M. Walliser


2961 S. TR 197


Belden D. Hower

Lime Deeds


281 E. Sixth St.

Delarber Properties LLC

Donald and Lori Ferguson


357 Lewis St.

Anthony S. Hager

Kenneth E. Trytko and

Brenda M. Gillette


447 Union Court

Joshua S. Shaffer

Joseph A. and

Rebecca Theis


705 Oaklawn Ave.

Big Springs Township

Richard Wank

Beatrice M. Wank


5496 S. CR 591

Eden Township

Herbert J. and

Christine A. Zaenger

Monica L. Arnold


1661 E. TR 28

Jackson Township

Jacob S. Wasserman

Keith A. and

Lora J. Goebel


4467 N. TR 65