Property transfers, May 22

Transfers listed as






Scott A. Ewing

Erika L. Hammer


155 Gross St.

Catherine L. Brandt,

trustee under the

Catherine L. Brandt

Living Trust

Howard L. Smith


96 Prospect St.

Susan M. and

Mark R. Gehring

Alta J. Distel


100 Longfellow Drive

Debra S. Dell

Margaret R. Anway


369 Hedges St.

Eden Township

John R. and

Rachel L. Sharp

Keenan R. and

Sue Ann Leichty


4076 S. TR 22

Clinton Township

Mental Health and

Recovery Services

Board of

Seneca County

Ag Credit ACA


1200 N. SR 53

Gregory E. and

Danielle L. Raubenolt

Donald E. and

Julie A. Coletta


183 N. Tecumseh Trail

Shackleton LLC

Geneva M. Stearns


301 Noble St.

Seneca Township

Kent R. and

Christine J. Parker

W. Warren Weininger


Vacant property on CR 58

Hopewell Township

Falter Hoover

Properties LLC

Ohio Hearing

Professionals LLC


1500 S. CR 1

Jackson Township

Alexander W. and

Megan M. Albury

Gene C. and

Barbara J. Stoudinger


Vacant property on N. CR 5


Jason D. Yonker

Justin C. Vanhoose,

executor for estate


215 Sycamore St.

Michael Ray Rayburn

Thad Lane


323 S. Wood St.