Property Transfers, May 15

Transfers listed as






Luke A. and Angela M. Weinheimer

Gregory E. and Danielle L. Raubenolt


460 S. Jefferson St.

Joshua R. and Brittany L. Clark

Ryan M. Page


133 Warren St.

Chris A. Lucius

Michael J., David P. and Dennis K. Kerschner


265 Beechwood Drive

Southeast Financial Credit Union

Raymond L. Myers


139 Wentz St.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

Joseph A. Kimmet and Shirley Runion


166 Tomb St.

Janice I. Betz, Carla J. Rupp and Cynthia J. Mowery

Anthony D. Ott


72 Westwood Drive, Unit 1A

Jeffrey Williams Jr.

Susan E. Brickner


212 Jefferson St.

Hintze LLC

KL Bish Properties


19 Ann St.

Chris M. and Heather L. Wilson

Jody A. Corner


89 Gail Lane

Hopewell Township

David Wilt

Marjorie A. Terry


1586 W. CR 38

Reed Township

David R. and Debbie J. Miller

Firelands Federal Credit Union


990 S. TR 81

Scipio Township

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association

Aaron M. Criblez and Jessica L. Spoon


7407 E. SR 224

Bloom Township

Lonnie G. and Kathryn M. Beard

Michael A. Homan


43 W. New Haven St.

Jason R. and Heather Hood

Virgil Stephens


31 S. Marion St.

Eden Township

Honey Creek Acres Ltd.

Robert L. and Paula J. MIller


643 E. TR 28

Thompson Township

Franklin Hammond

Fannie Mae


16181 CR 34

Pleasant Township

Eric and Nicole M. Smith

Jesse M. and Julie D. Brothers


2362 E. TR 144