Property transfers, April 10

Transfers listed as






PHH Mortgage Corp.

Kimberly S. Cogar


82 First Avenue

Rebecca J. Kramer

Marcie L. Alberts


275 Gross St.

Brian J. and Aimee R. Nye

Anna M. Osborn, estate


8990 W. TR 56

Kendra L. Gooding

Justin Alkin


103 Cottage Ave.

Charles H. and

Gwendolyn K. Wiseman

Vernon and Christine Brown


77 Lincoln Road

Reed Township

Steve E. and

Jane E. Wilson

Memorial Hospital of



5966 N. SR 53

Clinton Township

Matthew J. and

Kelly A. Thom

James M. and

Jennifer S. Raitz


2222 E. TR 130

Liberty Township

MGQ Inc.

Anthony A. Steyer,

TTEE, et al


Vacant land, 10 acres

MGQ Inc.

Steyer Farms Inc.


Vacant land, 10 acres

Eden Township

Brian G. and Mary E. Smith

Mary J. Haynes


1305 E. CR 16

Michael J. and

Lori Lennhoff

Bertha W. Correll


6810 S. SR 100


Lakeside Portfolio

Management LLC



600 S. Union St.

Jason Wilson

Blayne C. Kreais II


320 W. Crocker St.

Colonial Funding

Group LLC

Stonecrest Income and

Opportunity Fund-1 LLC


674 N. Poplar St.

Larry G. Enderle and

Sally C. Huttinger,


Quentin C. Tiell


Vacant property,

57.718 acres

Larry G. Enderle and

Sally C. Huttinger,


D and D Frankart

Farms LLC


Vacant property,

131.195 acres

Dama Hunter

Dennis W. and

Kathleen S. Cline


425 Union Court

Lisa and Vicki Burns

Terry J. Palmer


450 Colonial Drive

Calvin L. and

Christine A. Tressler

Estate of Mary Ferstenall


Vacant property

on East High Street


Ross Harris

Investments LLC


281 E. Sixth St.