Property Transfers, March 13

Transfers listed as






James E. Barger III

Sandra J. Riley


62 Ohio Ave.

American Servicing Corp.

Robert C. Clouse


85 Gibson Court

Patricia M. Stover

Karl C. and Amy K. Kerschner


510 Hedgegate Court North

Melwood Rentals LLC

Michael W. Shock


165 Melmore St.

Teresa A. Gomez

James C. Shrode, executor


164 E. Davis St.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC

Shase A. Breaux


304 W. Perry St.

Lucas Alan Matthew Hartsel

Gary A. and Denise L. Lucius


122 E. Davis St.

RSM Property Management LLC

SRG Holdings LLC


226 W. Market St.

BJS Insurance Agency Inc.

RSM Property Management LLC


0 West Market Street

David A. Benner

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association


3464 S. SR 53

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association

Martha E. O’Connell


148 Mohawk St.

Clinton Township

Thomas W. Scherger

Joseph H. Scherger, estate


1125 E. CR 50

Russell J. and Beverly K. Fox

Lucille F. Rice, trustee


3575 E. TR 122

Eden Township

John D. and Tamara D. Lynch

Kyle J. Roush


6161 S. SR 67

Hopewell Township

Gerald J. and Susan M. Kelbley

Raymond L. Raitz, Patricia J. Smith, Theresa A. Mowery, Joann A. Cali and Ruth M. Hill


0 West CR 52

Robert J. and Patricia A. Schilling

Gerald J. and Susan M. Kelbley


0 West CR 52

Jackson Township

Joshua L. Strawman

Timothy W. Stacy


4561 N. US 23

Scipio Township

Burkholder Real Estate LLC

Patricia M. Stover

$432, 965

0 East TR 130

Thompson Township

Joel K. and Stacie J. Fries

Robert L. Fields


7870 N. CR 29

Reed Township

Randy Joseph Miller

Beverly M. Brown, trustee, et al.


0 East TR 124

Arnold F. and Donna Depinet

James Devon and Lisa M. Miller


19.877 acres

Seneca Township

Gregory L. Tasse

Virgil P. Falter


5753 S. SR 53

Jason P. Smith

Christopher M. and Rachel J. Hemminger


3349 W. TR 92


Humberto Suarez and Mary Emahiser

Hilario T. and Maria Capetillo


619 Lynn St.

Russell Allen

CR Capital Group LLC


327 Sumner St.

Steve and Michelle Gibbs

VFS Lending JV LLC


632 N. Main St.