Property transfers, Jan. 23

Transfers listed as






Raymond D. and

Debra J. Racette

Bish Construction Inc.


92 Oakley Meadow Lane

Michael J. and

Derrick A. Arbogast

Gary A. and

Denise L. Lucius


292 Ella St.

Clinton Township

James P. Vassar

Richard H. and

Brenda S. Collins


0 E. TR 1175

Jeffrey A. and

Elizabeth A. Feasel

Richard H. and

Brenda S. Collins


0 E. TR 1175

Big Spring Township

Jeffrey A. Boullion

Rodney L. and

Shannon B. Williams


0 S. TR 25

Loudon Township

Stephen A. Avalon

Ray A. Creeger


651 N. SR 587

Reed Township

Mark W. and

Katherine M. Schoen

Robert G. Schoen Jr.


13161 CR 24


Joseph A. and

Rebecca Theis

Attorney James

W. Fruth, guardian


705 Oaklawn Ave.

Dennis D. Bowers

The Sharing Kitchen

of Fostoria Inc.


1009 Buckley St.

Ford Curtiss Sheffel

Eva Louise and

Jimmy D. Livingston


414 McDougal St.

Fort Curtiss Sheffel

Erie of Northwest Ohio LLC


335 and 327 Perry St.;

5905 N. SR 635,


Dennis Wade

Ivan LeRoy Bishop


204 Sycamore St.


Constance L. Salle

Edna M. Beamer,

trustee of the

Richard E. Brandt Trust


30 Cook Drive

Hopewell Township

Toni L. and Rick Wagner

Terry L. and

Brenda L. Saylor


397 N. TR 91