Property transfers, Jan. 2

Transfers listed as







Developers Ltd.

Deborah L. and

Carol A. Digby,

Larry T. and

Thomas L. Bean


170 Third Ave.

Jeron R. Steinmetz

Robert W. and

Phyllis A. Reis


25 Virginia Ave.

Dustin J. and

Amy C. Lamvermeyer

James E. Schnarrenberger


25 John St.

KSZ Homebuyers LLC

PNC Bank

National Association


44 W. Market St.

WFR Real Estate Inc.

Harriet L. Woodland, et al.


43 Frost Parkway

Adams Township

Gregory D. Lowe

Rose M. Kiesel


109 E. Adams St.

James Devon and

Lisa M. Miller

John Gregory Jarnett, et al.


East CR 38

Loudon Township

Brendle Family Farm LLC

Allan and Patricia A. Thomas


West US 224

Hopewell Township

Theodore W. Haugh

Sharon A. Wasem, estate of

Richard A. Haugh


5103 W. TR 112

Ryan D. and

Kara J. Halcomb

Ronald E. and

Patricia A. Sours


6819 W. TR 102


Jason and Gina Smith

William A. Ruffing


108 N. Seneca St.


Stanley R. and

Linda D. Bisbee

Key Bank

National Association


820 S. Main St.

Jackson Township

Garold and Julianne Wild

Herbert A. Roth, et al.


6462 N. CR 5

Wanda H. Siebenaller

Roger L. McDonald, trustee


CR 592