Property transfers, Dec. 5

Transfers listed as






Samantha M. Garrett

Gary A. Fatzinger


540 N. Sandusky St.

Shelby Kent

Evelyn Free


145 E. Davis St.

David L. Hodges

Michael W. Miller


416 N. Sandusky St. and 435 S. Washington St.

Lori J. Huffman

Judy L. Hartman


446 Sycamore St.

Audra E. and Ian Rammel

Jonathon Sears

and Trista Cathcart


169 Wentz St.


Marcos Vasquez

Jerry C. Burkett


535 Gormley St.

Robert C. Caires

Nationstar Mortgage LLC


1237 N. Union St.

Clinton Township

William and

Tyfanie Rennels

Janis L. Barba


2634 N. TR 155

Kevin D. Van Hoosier

Thomas J. and

Karen S. Kennedy


1317 N. TR 73

Karen and

Thomas Kennedy

Donald E. and

Nancy J. Nielsen


40 Crestview Lane Unit 6

Adams Township

Nathaniel Bumb

Judy Stout


East SR 19

William L. and

Lela Mae Miller

Leon H. and

Beverly J. Barrick


East SR 19

Bloom Township

George R. and

Erin M. Morgan

Arthur H. and

Lee Ann C. O’Leary


15 E. New Haven St.

Eden Township

Audrey R. Neal

Jason Smyser


8137 S. SR 67

Liberty Township

Eileen M. and

John V. Hoover Jr.

Douglas A. Dantuono


38.25 acres

on West TR 592

Eileen M. and

John V. Hoover Jr.

Michelle A. Dantuono


4322 W. CR 592

Seneca Township

Brian A. and

Barbara A. Brickner

Estate of Celestia A.



6700 W. CR 59

Hopewell Township

Thomas M. McGee

Carol J. Graham


2710 S. TR 113