Property transfers, Dec. 12

Transfers listed as






Ryan M. and

Jacqueline L. Thom

Janis A. Bennington


50 Duchess Lane

Paul E. Babcock

Deborah Fortney and

Charles Wilson


234 Hillcrest Drive

Bradley T. and

Dana M. Opp

Marsha Biller and

Janice Agerter


40 Linda Lane

Kathleen S. Dandurand

Gary W. Keener


547 Hedges St.

Ella Mae Moyer

Amanda L. and

Raphael M. Kirby


68 Duchess Lane

ABM Holdings LLC

Daniel P. and

Brenda Grover


217 N. Sandusky St.

Aaron M. McCaulla

Michelle A. Kramer


121 Lindsay Ave.

JPMorgan Chase Bank

National Association

Scott W. Larson


481 S. Washington St.

Aaron M. McCaulla

Bradley N. Clinger


545 E. Perry St.

Aaron M. McCaulla

Ralph Nominee


364 Water St.

Seneca Township

Sarah A. and

Robert Justin Rohrer

Patrick A. Hoepf


5980 S. SR 53

Fannie Mae

John and Kimberly Grine


6650 CR 6

Eden Township

Brian J. Cahill

Rachel Walland and

Mark D. Long


3667 S. TR 165

Reed Township

Robert E. and

Janet E. Ruffing

Leslie James Ludban


East CR 36

Andrew R. Ruffing and

Abby E. Miller

Leslie James Ludban


11127 E. CR 36

Liberty Township

Kelly Strausbaugh and

Ronald Zoeller

U.S. Bank

National Association


8471 SR 635

Pleasant Township

Kenneth R. and

Jamy J. Mask

George E. and

Sharon M. Williams


15160 TR 1135


Carlotta L. Estrada

Michael A. Woodruff


258 E. Sixth St.

Good Shepherd Home

James L. Puckett


936 Springville Ave.

Eli Arbogast

Brenda Lee Stratton


908 S. Union St.

Freddie Mac

Glenna M. Hile


708 Fifth Ave.

Jacqueline K. Bickelhaupt

Tamaria S. Dannemiller


160 E. Fourth St.

Loudon Township

Michelle J. Herman

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc.


720 N. Nickie Lane