Property transfers, Nov. 7

Transfers listed as





Clinton Township

Harold Gene Feasel

Norma J. Cornett


905 N. TR 73

Thompson Township

Oscar Rita

Bank of New York Mellon


6353 CR 29

John D. and

Stacey L. Bussey

Richard C. and

Martha J. Radloff


3871 N. TR 81

Todd M. Frost

Robert D. Seamon


7959 CR 29


Kathy L. Slagle

Lowell R. Robbins


25 Apple St.

Timothy R. and

Lynette M. Ardner

Mary Lou Harrison


266 Beechwood Drive

Matthew B. Dodok

Frederick J. and

Rosemarie Reimer


438 Clinton Ave.

Daryle E. Ahlefeld

Thomas J. and

Rita J. Loesser


33 Westwood Drive

Rae Charles LLC

Wildfred Enterprises LLC


1500 W. CR 38

Jennifer L Hagen

Timothy R. and

Lynette M. Ardner


35 Gross St.

R. Investments LLC

Ruth Snyder


225 W. Market St.

Ryan A. Gaietto

Jeffrey L. Shuey


52 E. Pointe Court


John and Terry Ardner

Freddie Mac


617 Buckley St.

KAJA Holdings 2 LLC

Wells Fargo Bank

National Association


640 Maple St.

Epic Management

and Holdings LLC

SWTrue Blue LLC


204 E. Tiffin St.

Douglas Affholder

Dennis L. and

Nancy A. Dawson


643 Northview Drive

Jackson Township

Richard C. and

Karen L. Lesher

Clay W. and Lora L. Wolph


9009 W. TR 36

Hopewell Township

Robert J. Weimerskirch

Nadine Kay Omlor


685 Ash St.

Larry A. and

Ruth Ann Beidelschies

Herman J. and

Timothy E. Zoeller


Land in Section 28

Bloom Township

Paul W. and

Norma J. Holmer

Mabel I. Robison


North Liberty Street

Aaron T. Lindsey and

Jennifer M. Spader

Gregory A. and

Rhonda R. Martin


620 Buckeye Drive