Property transfers, Nov. 28

Transfers listed as






Mary E. Kimmet

PNC Bank


28 Melissa St.

Rodney D. Wooden Sr.

and Jean M. Lowe

George R. Kuhn


20 First Avenue

Frederick B. Peck Jr.

Betty P. Peck


163 E. Davis St.

and 171 E. Davis St.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.

Bryan A. Huffman


404 E. Perry St.

Fannie Mae

Shawn P Fitch


230 Second Ave.

Joshua S. and

Jennelle E. Herron

George R. Morgan


148 Sycamore St.

Daniel L. Somers

JPMorgan Chase Bank

National Association


282 W. Market St.

Karen Shrode

Home Savings and

Loan Company of

Youngstown, Ohio


92 S. Washington St.

Michael A. and

Irene A. Burd

Bish Construction Inc.


164 Oakley Meadow Lane

Valcor Properties LTD

Sue R. Kelly


223 Clay St.

Clinton Township

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA

Paul B. Taylor


246 Eighth Avenue

Jason E. and

Michelle M. Smyser

Lori J. and

Robert J. Huffman Jr.


772 E. TR 201


GMAC Mortgage LLC

Shannon Snowden


440 W. Jackson St.

John and Amber Guernsey

Beau J. Carmon


114 E. High St.

Key Bank National


Joshua W. Affholder


351 W. South St.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA

Jason K. House


168 Summit St.

Eden Township

Jerry W. Fatzinger and

Judy A. Bender

Donald A. Lytle


155 W. CR 6

Daniel W. Straub

Madelyn V. Straub


4084 S. SR 100


Andrew Elchert

Robert A. Hunter


118 E. Walnut St.

Hopewell Township

PNC Bank

National Association

Karen R. Pierce


1188 S. Brace Ave.

Loudon Township

Brenda Klotz

JPMorgan Chase Bank

National Association


1159 N. TR 21

Loudon Township

Family Forward

Properties LLC

Estate of

Gerald A. Birkmire


1437 N. TR 21

Venice Township

Dustin H. Mattingly

Dawn L. Swartz



13290 E. CR 12

Jackson Township

Mark F. and

Betsy A. Walton

Olen J. House


6702 N. TR 63

Thompson Township

Donald W. Binger

Kuhn Family

Farms LLC


27.051 acres

in Thompson Township

Reed Township

Firelands Federal

Credit Union

Andrew M. Juliano and

Heather H. Hartman


990 S. TR 81