Property transfers, Sept. 26

Transfers listed as






Diane E. and

Michael G. Gillig

Joseph F. and

Kaye L. Irving


155 Gibson St.

Ralph J. and

Janice A. Magers

Kay J. Drake, trustee


80 Northwood Drive

Michael J. and

Amy C. Smith

Kimberly A. Matherly,

FKA Kimberly A. Crawford


197 Jefferson St.

Andrew D. and

Melissa L. Bucheit

John and Rachel Sharp


61 Main St.

Clinton Township

Mark A. and

Heather L. Gaietto

Paul E. Babcock


3017 E. CR 50

Steven W. and

Lynnette S. Everhart

Lewis M. and

Anna J. Everhart


17 E. TR 1153

Benny J. and

Virginia R. Fitch

Patricia J. Flugga


453 S. Huron St.

Brad Smith

Juanita C. Luster


19 N. TR 15

Adams Township

Shirley Y. Long

David E. and

Jacquelyn L. Reynolds


5945 N. TR 175

New Riegel

Stephen A. and

Bonnie M. Hohman

Cynthia R. Frankart and

Joseph Nye


27 W. Tiffin St.

Thompson Township

Jojo A. Mittower

William G. Whaley


7727 Washington St.

Eden Township

Joshua A. Riedel

Lawrence E. Foster


1415 E. TR 28

Scipio Township

Tyler R. Reinhart

Grant M. and

Colleen M. Gifford


2430 S. CR 43

Alan W. and

Michelle M. Smith

Robert C. and

Jane A. Clouse


6185 E. SR 18

Seneca Township

Ronald L. Inbody and

Brenda S. Kane

Edward W. Huffman,



7031 S. TR 117

Reed Township

Joseph Heyman

Terry K. Malone

FKA Terry K. Love


17198 E. TR 8

Liberty Township

Brittany I. Armbruster

Stephen L Hossler,

Richard C. Hossler and

Doris A. Hossler, et al


4011 N. TR 1098

Shawn K. McCullough

Cory Lee McVicker


8701 TR 105

Pleasant Township

Thomas G. Gibson

Heather J. and

Benjamin G. Compston


72 E. TR 152


Kohart Real Estate Co. Ltd.

Thomas J. Hamby


671 Lynn St.

Jackson Township

Robin L. Schumacker and

Darl D. Harrison

Fannie Mae


5957 N SR 23