Property transfers, Sept. 12

Transfers listed as






Frank H. Funk

Dorothy A. Miller


47 St. Clair St.

Charles D. Bailey

Ronald D. Wilson,

executor of the

estate of Laco Wilson


236 Tomb St.

GMAC Mortgage LLC

Richard A. and

Sherry L. Legron


136 Schonhardt St.

JPMorgan Chase Bank

Michael D. and

Amanda L. Johnson


282 W. Market St.

Charles V. Mass

Estate of Vivian L. Ritzler


24 Pinewood Drive

Clinton Township

Freddie Mac

John A. Clausen


207 Lelar St.

Lucille F. Rice, trustee

Elaine M. Hunt, trustee


35 Northwood Drive

Daniel V. Depinet

Joan M. and

Paul E. Depinet Jr.


2632 E. CR 36

Venice Township

James J. and

Nana J. Schumacher

Steven A. Siesel


16094 E. TR 104

Liberty Township

Chance E. Brickner

Rocky C. and

Deanna L. Brickner


3809 W. CR 38

Pleasant Township

Stephen R. and

Wendy S. Haugh

Daniel L. Haugh


429 W. CR 592

Derrick L. Mullholand

Barry E. Burd


5910 N. SR 53


Douglas S. and

Lee J. Shiley

William E. and

Steven M. Schwab


1703 N. Union St.

Imperial Valley

Properties LLC

Ross Harris

Investments LLC


243 W. Lytle St.

Jotobi Inc.

Hugh and Sharon Lanning


771 Maple St.

JPMorgan Chase Bank

David R. Nye


132 Nicholas St.

Freddie Mac

Chadd and Jennifer Harris


1005 N. Main St.

Bank of America

Herbert L. Hatter III


905 Springville Ave.

Re-Findz LLC

Jonathan G. Stotzer


111 W. Center St.

Roman R. Zarazua and

Ana Maria Banales

Robert W. Moore


330 W. Tiffin St.

Jeremiah J. Gase

Imperial Valley

Properties LLC


243 W. Lytle St.

Pamela J. Shumaker

Fannie Mae


1315 Columbus Ave. Unit A

John A. and Cynthia Ross

Donald Hampton Jr.


1311 Columbus Ave. Unit A