Property transfers, Aug. 29

Transfers listed as






David R. and Virginia P. Arp

Jeannine Curns


14 Towne and

Country Drive

Lewis D. and

Karen M. Gillig

Mary Ann Gaietto


465 Second Ave.

Zachary E. and

Megan M. Fowler

Lisa L. Feld


356 Hedges St.

S&S Home

Rentals LLC

Breg LLC


253 Fourth Ave.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.

Freddie Mac


331 Jefferson St.

Glenn A. Perkins

Magnus Terra

Company Ltd


368 N. Washington St.

Norma Welter

Ann M. Breidenbach


7 W. Teakwood Court

Clinton Township

Andrew R. and

Andrea Faber

Seneca Developers LLC


28405 TR 1195

Ryan H. and

Christine M. Brookes

Phillip A. and

Susan L. O’Connor


766 E. TR 122

Hopewell Township

Drew M. and

Heather M. Clouse

Norma M. Welter


2017 S. CR 7


Danny D. Deel

Bruce E. Runion Jr. and

Grace Lucus


403 Park St.

Scipio Township

Justin M. and

Amber S. Williams

Thomas L. and

Helen L. Eaton


6060 E. SR 18

Eden Township

Elizabeth A Eickhoff

Zachary W. Ekleberry


160 W. CR 6

New Riegel

Nancy L. Nichols

Joanne M. Elchert

Living Trust


11 W. South St.

Reed Township

Matthew S. and

Rachael A. Miller

Ryan M. Frisch


16500 E. TR 126

John A. Featheringill

Jessica Workman


1520 TR 197


John Voelzke Sr.

Trustee Union


218 S. Main St.

Edward F. and

Suzette Clouse

Susan M. Hemmerly

and James H. Walter


4776 S. CR 591

Loudon Township

Joshua J. and

Tracy L. Nusser

John H. and

Sharon K. Fox


11230 TR 116


Robert L. and

Brittany K. Knieriemen

Croghan Colonial Bank


310 Sullivan St.


Gary L. and Jan R. Radcliff

JPMorgan Chase Bank


624 Lexington Ave.

Adam Borkosky

Freddie Mac


426 W. Culbertson St.

Christopher Eidenour

Felix E. Vanderhoff


495 Wyandotte St.

Sheana M. Pace

Freddie Mac


313 E. Sixth St.

Lewis E. and

Betty J. Baumbarger

Stephen L. and

Cathy H. Hossler


Vacant lot on

South Union Street

Rhonda Connin

Timothy and

Peggy S. Connin


230 E. Crocker St.

Debra L. Theis

JPMorgan Chase Bank


324 Elm St.

Jackson Township

Gayla J. Watson

Mabel I. Hellriegel


5614 N. CR 25

Venice Township

Benny W. and

Denise M. Ritz

Wanda M. Ramsey


Vacant lot on East TR 44