Property transfers, July 3

Transfers listed as






James E. Jones

Jeffrey G. Taylor


24 Ohio Ave.

JP Morgan Chase Bank,

National Association

Robert N. Miller


368 W. Market St.

Clinton Township

Kaye L. and

Joseph F. Irving Jr.

Wayne E. and

Virginia A. Zahn


1836 S CR 19

Seneca Township

Levi J. and

Donna J. Miller

Mark A. Thompson


8046 S. SR 53

Thompson Township

Steven M. Hickey

David B. and Laura A. Conn


2263 S. TR 159

Fannie Mae

Chivon L. and

Jeremy S. Lunsford


16181 CR 34

Bloom Township

Zachary K. Dunn

K-Dunn Farms

Operating LLC


5761 S. TR 173


Fannie Mae

Lisa A. and

Karen S. Brashares


215 S. Main St.

Venice Township

Ruffing Family

Enterprises LLC

RMS Contracting LLC


Venice Street

James M. and

Amber N. Codeluppi

Ronald L. King


14590 E. TR 58

Liberty Township

Freddie Mac

Miguel A. Cordero


8957 SR 590


Wells Fargo Bank

Dee A. Eatherton


640 Maple St.

Loudon Township

Deutsche Bank

National Truste Company

James G. and

Kimberly Jarrett


1117 N. TR 21