Property transfers, July 25

Transfers listed as






Tonia M. Woods

Christine M. Baltzell


85 Oak St.

Garden Investments LLC

Gary and Donna Holmer


0 Ella Street

S and E Rentals Ltd.

Robert L. Robison


191 Park Ave.

Jason R. Vassalle

Douglas Edward

Rosenberger and

Lisa L. Lyons


55 Northview Dr.

Lenora M. Livingston

John C. and

Melissa N. Payne


31 Miami St.

Lori T. Wise

Jack E. Morgan Jr. and

Barbara K. Barnhart


61 Lawndale Drive

Marcus M. and

Amber L. Plikerd

Barry Trevino


114 Gibson St.

Roger Foukle

JP Morgan Chase Bank


332 W. Perry St.

Clinton Township

Scott A. and

Shannon B. Crouch

Mark G. and

Janet K. Kline


126 W. Crestview Lane

Adams Township

Eric S. Grine

Hiram B. Smith


5773 N. TR 175

Thompson Township

Joshua M. Holmer

John A. and

Marvin E. Holmer


Farmland on

East TR136 and

East CR 46

Garrett J. Krause

Betty Jo Cunningham


55 Lelar St.

Eden Township

Amanda J. Mack

Sensible Solar and

Wind LLC


6878 S. SR 100

Loudon Township

Robert and Tiffaney Shaver

Board of Loudon

Township Trustees


South Main Street and

West Allen Street

Royd T. and

Suzann Brimhall Warren

James L. Dible and

Jacquelyn M. Dible


685 S. US 23


Bryan B. and Kelly L. Shock

Fannie Mae


215 S. Main St.

Venice Township

Kenneth R. Waldock

Christian D. McClish


11571 E. TR 58


Steve Patterson

Mark Reinhard


908 E. Fremont St.

Ramona L. Hampton

American Servicing Corp.


1115 Buckley St.