Property transfers, May 23

Transfers listed as






Fannie Mae

Michael and

Tammy L. Alvardo


179 Melmore St.

The Herrnstein Group LLC

Donald E. Fey


426 Wall St.

Delbert A. and

Lori A. Kunze

Stewart A. Bowerson


89 Park Ave.

Hopewell Township

Joshua J. Hammer

Rodney F. and

Caroline M. Robbins


5920 W. Tiffin St.

Irving Enterprises LLC

Joseph R. Irving Sr., et ux


1515 S. CR 1

Adams Township

Freddie Mac

Johnathon Dunsmore


6881 CR 34

Darcy and Abbie Andecover

Jacob J. and

Stephanie Brown


7123 TR 179

Richard F. and

Bonnie J. Greiner

Bonnie Boyer, et al


Land adjourning 10738 E. CR 32

Venice Township

Ronald L. King

George R. Baker


14590 E. TR 58

Thompson Township

Freddie Mac

Kyle W. Gross


7911 CR 29

Bloom Township

Marcus J. Breidenbach

Ruth M.F. Beikman


8790 S. SR 19

Eden Township

Julie Stover

Northland Homes

and Properties Inc.


2024 TR 86

Stacey R. and

Robin S. Richey Jr.

Zachary L. Ziegler


3783 E. TR 44

Christopher B. and

Kimberly A. Miller

Eden Acres Inc.


2040 E. CR 16

Reed Township

Gerald E. and

Paula M. Manning

Richard F. Miller


14179 E. TR 126


Thomas W. and

Georgia S. Smith

Freddie Mac


22 Seneca St.

Craig A. Miller

Kimberly J. and

Joseph E. Reesman


111 W. High St.


Joseph A. and

Rebecca A. Theis

Alberto Mendey


624 Barcelona Drive

Craig Woessner

Ronni Willon


603 S. Main St.

Fifth Third Bank

Tina L. Wilson


30 W. Culbertson St.

Wells Fargo Bank NA

Eilene R. Broome


627 Columbus Ave.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Keith E. and

Wilma L. Ward


107 S. Wood St.

Albert Gallo and

Regina Depp

Betty A. Kuhn


813 E. High St.

James Tucker Jr.

Estate of Eddie J. Brooks


530 Lynn St.

Dennis W. and

Kathleen S. Cline

Jeffry J. King


207 W. Culbertson St.

Daniel J. and

Catherine A. Spero

Peter F. Dicesare and

Mona L. Simpson



704 Glenwwod Ave.