Property transfers, May 2

Transfers listed as






Gary and Sharon Black

Mary Beard Living Trust


68 Jackson St.

Adam L. Nye

Brenda E. Rosier and

Kathy M. Zeis, et. al.


309 Ohio Ave.

Michael A. and

Brenda L. Marquis

Northland Homes and

Properties Inc.


36 Heilman St.

Nathan H. and

Kristen M. Santos

Rita M. Locko


353 Greenfield St.

Diane Bowen

Claudia S. Feasel


644 S. Washington St.

Household Realty Corp.

Larry M. and

Candace L. Platt


96 Riverside Drive

Freddie Mac

Stephen S. Magers


97 Minerva St.

Bank of America

National Association

Donald L. and

Gayle C. Gifford


48 Towne and Country Drive

Freddie Mac

Michael R. Murphy


331 Jefferson St.

Richard A. and Linda L. Gray

James P. and Rebecca L. Hale


35-37 Lindsay Ave.

Hopewell Township

Elliott J. Coble

LaNeta K. Wertz


1975 N. TR 101

Loudon Township

John M. and

Diane M. Kleinfelter

Michael L. and Mary M. Tiell


Vacant lot on CR 25

Eden Township

Donald J. and

Rebecca L. Gosche

Richard B. Trapp


1165 E. CR 16

Bloom Township

Jason L. Cook

Jeran L. and

Nicole L. Polluck


565 E. CR 58

Reed Township

Michael T. Gibbs

RPF Limited Partnership


Vacant lot on East TR 104

Pleasant Township

Denton L. Saunders

Saunders Theater

Properties LLC


4101 N. SR 53

Liberty Township

Alyssia N. and

Zachary W. Graber

Better M. McGough Trust


8420 N. SR 635

John F. Walter

Susan J. Caudill


2581 N. TR 109


JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Ronald A. and Lisa M. Yoder


624 Lexington Ave.

Key Bank NA

Dennis E. Brant


820 S. Main St.