Property transfers, May 16

Transfers listed as






Fredrick J. and

Rosemarie Reimer

Shirley A. Nepper


438 Clinton Ave.

Brandon Hicks

Patricia A. Simmons


515 Jackson St.

Kyler and Elaine Daugherty

Jane E. Fiske


464 S. Sandusky St.

Clinton Township

Tyler L. Well and

Krysten N. Moore

Kevin L. and Linda F. Bish


1305 S. TR 159

Matthew R. Mellott

Fannie Mae


2979 N. TR 155

Adams Township

Jane M. Birch

Steven J. Birch, et al


5040 N. SR 101

New Riegel

Andrew T. and

Katie S. Brickner

Harold J. and

Marilyn J. Kinn


40 N. Perry St.

Loudon Township

Robert Rainey

Fannie Mae


1033 W. SR 18

Bloom Township

Christopher Schirack and

Melody Lambert

Raymond Sexton


6950 S. SR 19

Kasey L. Shultz

Dean M. and

Jack M. Ziegler


6627 S. TR 173

Eden Township

Eric L. and

Megan E. King

Shawn K. and

Kerri L. Detterman


502 W. TR 58


Gregory A. and

Rhonda R. Martin

Dorothy L. Gangluff


Lots 8 and 9 in

Venice Hills subdivision

Liberty Township

MGQ Inc.

Anthony A. Steyer, et al


Vacant lot on CR 30

MGQ Inc.

Steyer Farms Inc.


Vacant lot on CR 30

Jeremy L. Garn

Jerald B. Gillespie


Vacant lot on Diehl Street


Justin L. and

Donna K. Webb

Lisa J. Siebinaller


637 Maple St.

Richard Miller

JP Morgan Chase Bank


444 W. Jackson St.