Property transfers, April 18

Transfers listed as






JKD Rentals LLC

Fannie Mae


82 Franklin St.

Manuel and

Monica Sandaran

The Bank of

New York Mellon


363 W. Perry St.

Fannie Mae

Aaron and

Emefa D. Burnette


196 S. Monroe St.

Liberty Township

Terry L. and

Eugena A. Wellington

Judy Bailey


5851 N. SR 635

Christina M. Beck

Miriam R. Wagner


6020 CR 62

John C. and

Elizabeth A. Peck

James A. and

Janis D. Birch


1161 W. TR 150

Clinton Township

Steve Smith

Richard and Terry Funk


Vacant lot on East TR 122

Adams Township

Scott A. Boyer

Steven Widman


208 and 208 1/2 Euclid St.

Loudon Township

Christopher P. and

Renae M. Reinhart

T + D Daniel Properties Ltd.


Vacant lot on West SR 18

Gena M. Young

William and Gerald Reinhart


10910 W. SR 18

Thomas J. and

Alecia M. Miller

Gary A. and

Rowena J. Kackley


460 Angela Drive


Triple M Acres, LLC

Mary E. Reimer


Vacant lot on East SR 18

Scipio Township

Michael E. and

Laura A. Covert

Mary E. Reimer


5551 E. SR 18

Bloom Township

Kenneth E. Studer

Marcos R. and

Chalia C. Vasquez


7206 SR 19

Eden Township

Raymond C. and

Cynthia A. Heising

Shirley A. Magers


100 E. CR 16

Pleasant Township

Shane Welter

Charles D. and

John E. Swope and

Ann C. Scullion


5975 N. SR 53

Seneca Township

Christopher M. and

Gina Wertz

Linda K. and

Louis M. Gaietto Jr.


2455 W. CR 90

Harbour Portfolio VII LP

Fannie Mae


1300 W. CR 6


Thomas J. and

Eliana Maag

Freddie Mac


806 E. Fremont St.

Great Scot Inc.

DPK Conrad Inc.


255 South St.

Christina M. De La Rosa

Suntrust Mortgage Inc.


655 Woodward Ave.

Anez-Bauer, LLC

Robert A. Huth


146 W. Sixth St.