Property transfers, March 28

Transfers listed as






Kenneth M. and

Meredith A. Price

Donald H. Haliburton


42 Sixth Ave.

Charles T. and Johanna

C. VanRenterghem

Gary C. Anderson


154 Coe St.

Danny Bartolo

Laurel R. Weaver


30 Wentz St.

Mark V. Pardi

Joseph A. Scherger


215 Lincoln Road

David A. Kiesel

Trio Properties Inc.


201 N. Washington St.

Chris and

Rachel Hemminger

Capital One NA


452 S. Jefferson St.

Clinton Township

Chelsea D. Cooper

Jeffrey D. Hohman


843 SR 231

Allen R. Dryfuse

James W. and

Janet R. Ferner


1707 N. TR 73

Hopewell Township

Karen J. Roby

Kristi J. Glanz


2590 W. TR 132

Thompson Township

Matthew S. and Stephanie

A. Gildenmeister

Michael D. and

Donna A. Carr


3099 TR 83

Loudon Township

Seth E. and Tara M. Kelbley

William A. and

Michael P. Kelbley


9482 W. US 224

Scipio Township

Timothy R. and

Cheryl A. Kimble

Judith A. Thompson


Vacant lot on North SR 18


Stephanie and

Timothy Kern

Joseph M. and

Joan M. Wise


212 State St.

Eden Township

Keith A. and

Tricia D. Woodland

David P. and

Nannette K. Huffman


195 E. CR 16


Borer Corp.


255 E. South Trail

Reed Township

Evan D. Kelch and

Jessica Flynn

Wells Fargo Bank NA


1931 N. TR 81


Jack R. and

LaDonna Burks

Larry A. and

Charlotte A. Burkett


358 Columbus Ave.

Todd Trautman

Beneficial Financial Inc.


118 Palmer St.

Linda B. Davis

American Title Agency Inc.


426-428 N. Countyline Road

Richard and

Rosemary Schaffner

JP Morgan Chase Bank


920 Leonard St.

Geneva S. Myers

JP Morgan Chase Bank


1300 Sandusky St.

Carl Zilch

Freddie Mac


530 N. Union St.

Therman and Virgie Beasley

Susan C. Williams


401 Colonial Drive

Jackson Township

Joseph M. Reinhart

John L. and Mary J. Striff


10246 W. TR 84