Property Transfers, March 14

Transfers listed as






Perry D. and Donna Mason

Dion C. Yarbrough

210 Grape St.


Fannie Mae

Steven J. Reinhart


1315 Columbus Ave., Unit A

Fannie Mae

Brett Cousin

and Trina Miller


203 N. Union St.

Helen F. Walker

Joan L. Fleming


801 Glenwood Ave.

Gregg P.

and Jessica J. Wehrle

American Title Agency Inc.


610 and 610 1/2

N. Union St.


Joshua P. Haynes

American Title Agency Inc.


7245 S. Union St.

Freddie Mac

Wiley E. Graham Jr.


143 Madison St.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

James J. Spradlin


35 Grace St.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Andrew Leonard

and Lindsay Distel


320 S. Sandusky St.

Rose Acceptance Inc.

First National

Acceptance Co.


286 Jefferson St.

Freddie Mac

Marianne Borer


68 Morningside Drive

Clinton Township

Jonathan D.

and Karen A. Hampshire

Arthur J. Gaietto


1959 N. SR 53

Big Spring Township

Kiel R. Maathias

Terrance L. Schreiner

and Debra K. Klippstein


Vacant lot on W. CR 59

Seneca Township

US Bank, NA


and Cheryl Delarosa


6665 W. CR 6

Thompson Township

Kimberly Kistler

and Cheryl Bland

Fannie Mae


3731 E. SR 18

Bloom Township

Ogg Brothers LLC

Terrance L. Schreiner

and Debra K. Klippstein


Vacant lot on S. TR 93

Eden Township

Fannie Mae

Ryan P. and

Cortnie M. Hampshire


8371 S. SR 67