Property transfers, Feb. 7

Transfers listed as





Adams Township

Jeremy A. Halbeisen

The Crogan Colonial Bank


6816 N. SR 228

Clinton Township

Jeffrey Trautman

Fannie Mae


4272 E. TR 130

Christine M. and

Ian T. Yoshimoto

Judy M. Martin


252 Shawhan Ave.

Harold F. and

Bernice C. Durer

Barbara A. Main


524 B S. TR 1179

Green Springs

Crogan Colonial Bank

Stephan G. Rutherford


102 W. Perry St.


John A. and

Michelle L. Wank

Melvin E. Winters


18 Walnut St.

Kelli A. Troiano

Virgina I. Troiano


134 Fifth Ave.

Matthew T. Kleinhenz

Fannie Mae


107 Apple St.

Kerri L. Bedio

Mary Rita Mathias


30 Gibson Court

David J. and

Christa N. Selnick

Joan E. Martin


179 Sycamore St.

Scott M. Frank

Torrie M. Stahl


28 Grandview Court

Daniel E. and Beth A. Dell

William A. Rider


40 Autumn Lane

Justin S. Dickson and

Alexa C. Cleveland

Robert A. and

Mary Jo SanGregory


372 S. Washington St.

FBS Properties Ltd.

June H. Christian


478 W. Market St.

Freddie Mac

Kenneth E. Olmor


103 Cottage Ave.

Freddie Mac

Pari N. Brandt


187 N. Washington St.

Bank of America NA

Jerry A. Vick


177 E. Davis St.

Hopewell Township

Anthony M. and

Kelly M. Petrosino

Bennett Paulus


1980 Timbercreek Drive

Kenneth P. and

Rita F. Hohman

Paul G. Hohman


Vacant lot on TR 101

David A. Hohman

Bernard J. Hohman


Vacant lot on CR 18

Dennis F. and Marcia Hohman

Bernard J. Hohman


Vacant lot on CR 18

Gregory R. and

Ann M. Waire

Robert A. Overholt


Vacant lot on South

Timber Creek Drive

Loudon Township

Bank of New York Mellon

Dwight E. and

Pamela J. Risner


13265 S. TR 37


Kelly Hickle-Lentz

Thomas M. and

Cynthia M. Cunningham


1052 Gerlock Drive

Jessica F. Mumdorff

Gloria J. Hartman


800 Buckley St.

Brad L. and

Karen M. Teeters

Jane Schreiner


731 E. Fremont St.

Thomas and

Heather Domich

Centralized Services Inc.


123 Poplar St.

Bill and Leslie E. Zinger

Joshua P. Haynes


307 W. Jackson St.

Beneficial Financial Inc.

Michael T. and

Kathleen Mullholand


118 Palmer St.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Jennifer D. Taylor


444 W. Jackson St.

Freddie Mac

Daniel J. Lowery Jr.


617 Buckley St.

Fannie Mae

Zackary J. Aldrich and

Brianne M. Weir


607 S. Main St.

Jackson Township

Olen J. House

Fifth Third Bank


6702 N. TR 63

James P. Fugitt

Freddie Mac


8352 W. CR 592

Venice Township

James E. Smith

Fannie Mae


5601 S. SR 4

Robert G. and

Karol J. Kirgis

Karl S. Spencer


Vacant lot on TR 60

Michael G. Nagel

Karl S. Spencer


17540 E. TR 46

Scipio Township

Kara S. and

Robert G. Schoen Jr.

Jeff L. and Melissa L. Larick


Vacant lot on North SR 18

Kara S. and

Robert G. Schoen Jr.

John E. Larick


Vacant lot on TR 124

Seneca Township

Gary R. and

Susan F. Parker

Donna M. Spitler


Vacant lot on South SR 53

Thompson Township

Daniel E. Tyree

Marc D. Tibboles


Vacant lot on TR 79


Brad R. Weider


7443 TR 80