Property transfers, Feb. 14

Transfers listed as






Garland T. Blankenship

Mary Beard Living Trust


16 Circular Drive

Rochelle A. Miller

Bradley J. Aller,

Betsy J. Hancock and

Stacey L. Kiesel


67 Hopewell Ave.

The Bank of

New York Mellon

Rhonda and James Fitch


149 Ohio Ave.

The Bank of

New York Mellon

Nathan L. and

Heather A. Harshman


394 E. Perry St.

MF Retal Ltd.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co.


475 S. Sandusky St.

Adams Township

Craig S. Erchenbrecher

Lisa A. Hartenfeld


6430 SR 228

Big Spring Township

Joseph N. and

Christina M. Nye

Joseph D. and

Theresa R. Carp


5517 S. TR 93

Jamie C. Fugitt

Carla A. Christenson


12105 W. CR 10

Scipio Township

Mark W. and

Sally M. Wagner

Allen R. Dryfuse


9627 E. TR 8

The Bank of

New York Mellon

Matthew J. Gruss and

Jessica N. Kimmet


208 W. CR 43

Liberty Township

Brandon L. and

Megan L. Hoerig

Joshua C. Miller


3560 W. TR 158

Pleasant Township

Seth A. Crosby

Mark S. and Hope E. Moore


4389 N. SR 53


David L. Turner

Estate of Galen E. Bruce


321 E. Fremont St.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Bryan C. Helns


331 Elm St.

Quentin C. Tiell

Fostoria Green Acres

Development Company


Vacant lot on Dillon Road

Fannie Mae

William R. and

Kathy M. Bumgardner


850 S. Wood St.

Richard and Patricia Bailey

Jason L. Sloat Sr.


341 E. Jones St.


Doris M. Smith


906 Leonard St.

Tony and Carey L. Malagon

Jeffrey L. Floriaia and

Thomas E. Smith


Vacant lot on

West Tiffin Street

Devon S. Cousin

Jeffrey L. Floriana and

Thomas E. Smith


321 W. Tiffin St.

Trevor and

Heidi Klee

Fannie Mae


608 S. Wood St.

Reed Township

Sean and

Julia K. Thompson

Fannie Mae


150 N. SR 4

Kim W. Mitchell and

Patricia A. Motry

John E. Larick


11962 E. TR 124


Dennis L. Howard

The Schank

Family Trust


106 Eden St.

Freddie Mac

Shawn and

Shelia Branham


22 Seneca St.

Jackson Township

Jerald and

Susan Tiell

Fannie Mae


5770 N. CR 25

Quentin Tiell

Dustin R. Gerhardstein


7720 N. TR 64