Property transfers, January 3

Transfers listed as





Hopewell Township

Steven K. Johnson

Patrick J. Doran

and Sarah A. Sherder


21885 TR 109

Palfleet Truck

Equipment Company

Irving Enterprises LLC


4151 W. SR 18

Paul G.

and Patricia A. Hohman

Bernard J. Hohman


6708 W. CR 18

Reed Township

Ryan Stahl and Alan Smith

Leah L. Bulger

and Anna V. Hinish


Vacant lot on E. TR 104

Pleasant Township

Charles E. Miller

Mary M. Bandman


Vacant lot on SR 162


Timothy and

Kimberlee Ellis

Jeffrey M. Smith


110 Hopewell Ave.

Amy L. Mohr

Homesales Inc.


34 Sycamore St.

Seneca Township

GBM Land Company LLC

Dennis A.

and Janice E. Smith


7838 S. SR 587

Scipio Township

Gary S. and

Dawn E. Hoepf

The Croghan Colonial Bank


9570 E. TR 124

Brandon M. and

Tiffany L. Procaccini

Connie M. Vassalle


2240 S. CR 43

Green Springs

Brenton W. Thiessen

William G. Thiessen


104 Catherine St.

Thompson Township

Anthony J. and Tara J. Schroeder

Thomas E. and Laurie M. Rado


Vacant lot on CR 32

Eden Township

Kyle A. Mack

Thomas J. and Kay A. Schoenfeld


86 E. CR 6


Darren L. Tobolt

Patricia A. and

Gerald L. Schwab Sr.


11564 E. TR 86