Property transfers, Jan. 24

Transfers listed as






Mark and

Viola R. Rumschlag

Charles J. Burkart


79 Tomb St.

Machine Works

Unlimited LLC

US Bank NA


2525 W. SR 18

Ohio University

Credit Union

David R. North


119 W. Market

Richard F. Miller

Jimmie B. Wilson


12 Town and Country Drive

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Kristy M. Echelberry


70 Main St.

Jeffery A. Roth

Fred E. Kishler


266 Clinton Ave.


Fannie Mae

Nancy E. Sperow


172 E. Fremont St.

Freddie Mac

David V. and Amy J. Evans


924 Leonard St.

Freddie Mac

Carol C. and

Ivy E. Church Jr.


330 W. South St.

Freddie Mac

Bradley M. Koontz


157 E. Lytle St.

JP Morgan Chase

Bank NA

Gregory R. Macias


920 Leonard St.

EIP Fostoria Owner LLC



110 E. Jones Road

Triple Ys LLC

Main Street Block LLC


311 S. Main St.

Gary L. and Jan J. Radcliff

Government National

Mortgage Association


949 Buckley St.

Green Springs

Danielle N. and

Jack W. King Jr.

Elizabeth Schubach


111 S. Leonard St.

Adams Township

Gaylord Farms LLC

Lela M. and

William L. Miller


Vacant lot on Section 15

Big Spring Township

Timothy R. Bouillon

Loria A. and John D. Orians


3816 S. US 23

Loudon Township

Ronald D. Bowman

Richard B. and

Betty P. Byerly


123 S. US 23

Daniel J. Holman

Brian T. Kummerer


11164 W. CR 18

Clinton Township

Freddie Mac

Shane E. and

Lindsay L. Vanderveen


2979 N. TR 155

Thompson Township

Republic Wind LLC

Brede S. and

Jack C. Ziegler


11496 E. TR 148

Rebecca and Andrew Miller

Fannie Mae


7897 TR 81

Reed Township

Cory R. Lutz

Hopple Family Farm LLC


Vacant lot on East CR 24

Reed Township

Bank of America NA

Brittnie and

Brian Featheringill Jr.


14517 E. SR 162

Jackson Township

Ronald M. Hoffbauer Sr.

George M. Holycross


12499 W. CR 28