Massachusetts pot aficionados roll 100-foot-long joint

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — Massachusetts marijuana aficionados have rolled a 100-foot-long joint.

The effort was led by Boston-based cannabis club and advocacy group Beantown Greentown during an exhibition of pro-marijuana vendors and supporters at the DCU Center in Worcester Saturday.

They perfected a secret rolling technique using 35.27 ounces of their own pot trimmings.

The Telegram & Gazette reported people crowded around to take selfies when the final product was displayed Saturday. Thousands of people attended the exhibition.

The newspaper said 55-year-old Denise Fournier, of Gardner, Massachusetts, asked the question on everybody’s mind: “When are you going to light it up?”

Massachusetts last year voted to legalize the possession and consumption of marijuana.

A Cannabis Control Commission is writing regulations to govern the sale of cannabis.