Speaker asks students to make a ‘positive impact’

PHOTO BY NICOLE WALBY NCOESC Deputy Superintendent Brenda Luhring addresses high school seniors Monday night during the 62nd annual National Machinery Citizenship Awards.

NEW RIEGEL — Over 80 high school seniors were recognized Monday night at the 62nd annual National Machinery Citizenship Awards at New Riegel High School.

The National Machinery Citizenship Awards’ purpose is to recognize and encourage high school students to understand the importance of good citizenship conduct, character and a good moral outlook during their high school careers.

“This award encourages good citizenship throughout your adult life,” Brenda Luhring, deputy superintendent of the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center, said during her address. “We are all excited to see what you are going on to do for the rest of your lives.”

Luhring is a graduate of Columbian High School and Ohio State University. She has taught within the Seneca East Local School District, Bellevue City School District and inner-city Columbus.

Luhring said the award is not about academic achievement, but the belief that these students are good people; young men and women who will go on to make a difference in the world.

“We all love to win,” she said. “But at what cost. The real victory is doing what is right.”

Luhring said the students sitting in the gym have the power to make an impact.

“You have to be the ones to make an impact in life in a positive way,” she said. “You will have questions about what difference you made, but any small act of kindness and doing it just because you won’t know how big of an impact you made.”

During the awards, nominated seniors were awarded cash gifts from the National Machinery Foundation.

Senior cash award winners include: Ally Bridgford, Seneca East, daughter of Steven and Renee Bridgford; Erika Galindo-Velasco, Old Fort, daughter of Gacindo and Rogelia Galindo; Myka Vogt, Seneca East, son of Don and Chris Vogt; Ranae Kapelka, Hopewell-Loudon, daughter of Tom and Anette Kapelka; Brooke Cessna, Seneca East, daughter of Tim and Deb Cessna; Aubrey Margraf, Mohawk, daughter of Bret and Beth Margraf; Christopher Klopp, Mohawk, son of Paul and Jennifer Klopp; Madelyn Reinhart, New Reigel, daughter of Glenn and Mary Reinhart; Hannah Watson, Mohawk, daughter of Craig and Amy Watson; Bailee Coss, Hopewell-Loudon, daughter of Steven and Tammy Coss; Nicole Fry, Old Fort, daughter of Phil and Patty Fry; Rebecca Green, Hopewell-Loudon, daughter of Nate and Pam Greene; Erica Oney, Seneca East, daughter of Tony and Christy Zack; Mikayla Snavely, Seneca East, daughter of Rodney and Brenda Snavely; Alexander Lersch, Mohawk, son of James and Maryanne Lersch; Jillian Allgyre, Seneca East, daughter of Stephen and Jan Allgyre; Jaret Nelson, Hopewell-Loudon, son of Jess and Kendra Nelson; Jarrett Woodall, Old Fort, son of Brian and Kristin Woodall; Caden Gurney, Mohawk, son of Brian and Jessica Gurney; Kristin Coleman, New Reigel, daughter of Ronald and Jane Coleman.