2019 Maple Fest


Brian Snavely (right) checks the density of the syrup as guests look on during 2019 Maple Fest at Snavely’s Sugar Shack, 9735 E. TR 138, Sunday afternoon. Snavely said the family tries to host the Maple Fest every other year and has probably hosted about 10 of them. He said the point of the fest is to give people a chance to see the syrup-making process. Snavely said sap is about 2.5 percent sugar when it comes out of a tree and it gets concentrated so the finished product is about 66 percent sugar. He said the proces takes out a lot of water and about 40 gallons of sap gets boiled down to one gallon of syrup. He said his granddaughter is the eighth generation in his family to make syrup. “It’s been fun being a family operation,” Snavely said.